We support organisations and companies in the establishment and operation of an excellent service culture.

  • You do not only want to satisfy your clients, you want to fascinate them?
  • You would like to focus even more on your service quality to distinguish yourself from your competitors?
  • You would like to establish a companywide service-excellence-culture?
  • You would like to have creative, engaged and enduringly motivated employees?
  • You would like to turn your company into an outstanding example in innovative leadership?
  • You would like to improve the effectiveness of your management system and to adjust it to the current standard of service excellence?
  • You would like to have your management system reviewed against the criteria of service excellence?

Our approach: We regard the standard of service excellence (CEN/TS 16880) as an instrument for the systematic management of an institution, with the goal of utilising all resources and means as effectively as possible, in order to achieve the agreed performance objectives and moreover, to sustain a continuous improvement process, in order to ensure product and service innovation for the long term.

Our services are provided in the form of

  • coaching and supporting your managers or other responsible persons
  • support in the development of strategies and the implementation of the service excellence concept
  • training of all involved during the familiarisation and operation phase