We support companies in the setting up and operation of (standardised) management systems, to ensure their effectiveness.

As a superior and manager, would you like:

  • to review your corporate strategy?
  • to plan your organisation better?
  • to improve the effectiveness of your management system or set up / orient it in accordance with standard criteria?
  • to resolve conflicts in your organisation as far as possible and to avoid crises?
  • to achieve a lasting improvement both in internal and external communication with your customers and suppliers?
  • to utilise changes as an opportunity and to achieve tangible improvements within the framework of organisational development?
  • to define your internal corporate culture and bring about a sustained improvement in it?
  • to have creative employees?
  • to have your management system reviewed against my criteria or on the basis of normative guidelines?

Our approach: We regard management systems (MS) as instruments for the systematic management of an institution, parts of an institution and individual jobs (that is to say the individual employees) with the goal of utilising all resources and means as effectively as possible in order to achieve the agreed performance goals and moreover, to sustain a continuous improvement process, in order to ensure product and service innovation for the long term.

Our services are provided in the form of

  • coaching and supporting your managers or responsible persons
  • support in the shaping of concepts and development of strategies
  • training of all involved during the familiarisation and operation phase