We support organisations in setting up their conformity assessment procedures in order that their products and services meet the designated criteria and can be recognised internationally.

  • You are planning to introduce a label for your products that meet specific criteria?
  • You would like to export your products (into the European Economic Area for example) and are faced with questions concerning the correct conformity assessment procedures and recognition of certificates?
  • You have responsibility in a specialist field for setting up an external quality assurance or conformity assessment system (e.g. the setting up of a certification system or body)?
  • You are responsible for the operation of a certification body and would like to improve the effect of your audits?
  • You are establishing an (internal) conformity assessment body?

Our approach We understand conformity assessment procedures as instruments with which to ensure compliant products and services or compliant management systems, designed in such a way that they support innovation and learning processes. They involve internal company concepts or processes carried out by independent third parties (laboratories, inspection or certification bodies).

Our services are provided in the form of:

  • coaching and supporting your managers
  • working out conceptual plans
  • training of all involved during the familiarisation and operation phase